Department of Internal Medicine

A well equipped 10 bedded Medical Intensive Care Unit with central oxygen supply, central monitoring facility, multipara monitors to use ICU bed is provided here. Tertiary Critical care is given to our severely ill patients under the guidance of Senior – well experienced physicians. This department caters to patients with Alcoholic liver diseases and other Gastroenterological elements. Here round the clock care is delivered by resident physician.

Ortho and Trauma care

24 hours Trauma care under the leadership of experienced Orthopaedic surgeon. Well equipped Ortho Theatre with Siemens C-arm, Fracture Table etc.
All Trauma related surgeries
Treatment of Fractures
Joint Replacement surgery
Spine and Hip Surgery are done here.


A well equipped ENT department provides all routine ENT treatments,facilities for providing Endoscopic Surgery for Sinusitis, Nasal Polyp, Micro surgeries like Stapedectomy, Tympano Plasty etc are routinely done here.


A team of well experienced urologists provide Urologic care to our patients with Endo Urology, Minimally invasive surgery in addition to TURBT, TURP, Open urosurgeries etc.

Physical Medicine Department

This well equipped department provides rehabilitation care to our Diabetes CVA and other neurologically challenged patients. IFT, UST, SW Diathermy, TENS etc in addition to vocational rehabilitation are provided from here. Physiotherapy to our indoor and outdoor patients are done by our efficient physiotherapist.

Psychiatric Department

De addition Centre
All the patients’ ailments are dealt with IP or OP Management. “Vimukthi”- A De-addition centre for Alcohol and other substance abuse is its highlights.

Medical Gastroenterology

Senior Gastroenterologist treat our patients with a Acid Peptic disease,Alcoholic Liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease etc.


This department caters to our patients with stroke, epilepsy other neurological disorders, its well supported by medicine, Physiotherapy, PMR and Neuro surgery.


Oncologist heads department; Adjuvant treatment in the form of Chemotherapy, Hormonal therapies etc are routinely given to our cancer patients.


Our consultant in Cardiology supports our medicine and allied specialty patients by providing advanced cardiac care. Treatment of uncomplicated Heart attack, Thrombolysis etc are routinely done here.