Resource Person
13.07.2012 Recent trends in Neuro Surgery and its Implications in Nursing MsGreena
08.02.2013 Defibrillation and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ms.Hema
12.10.2013 Stress Management Ms.ArchanaKumari.S.K.
08.03.2013 Eye Protection- Basic Guidelines Ms.ArchanaKumari.S.K.
07.09.2012 VagusNerve stimulation for depression MrsSari.S.Karun
14.12.2013 Transcultural  Nursing Mrs.Thara.A.C
10.08.2012 Jigsaw learning strategy Mrs.Sree Devi
11.01.2014 Child Health Prograammes Mrs.Smitha.L.J
12.10.2012 Diamond  Black Fan Syndrome Mrs.Smitha
07.12.2012 AIDS- Palliative care-A comprehensive approach Mrs.Shibi.R
07.06.2013 Nursing Theory Application Mrs.Shibi.R
10.05.2013 Pregnancy and Physical Activities Mrs.Sheeja B.S.P
08.02.2014 Don’t Go to the Cosmetics counter without Reading it Mrs.NijaRose.W
13.09.2013 Compassion Fatigue Mrs.Krishnaveni
09.11.2012 Genetic Counselling-Role of Nurse Mrs.Eujin.S.B
12.04.2013 Recent Trends in Nursing Process Approach Mrs.C.V.Kavitha
09.11.2013 Egg Donation Mrs.Aswathy Krishna
11.01.2013 Role of nurses in occupational Health Mrs.Ahila.D.L
02.07.2013 Research Report writing Dr.Vijaya Kumar
24.08.2013 Research Designs Dr.Bincy